ESPN NFL Week 2 2014

Thursday night kicked off the 2014 NFL Week 2's action with the Baltimore Ravens' 26-6 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Up next are all of the Sunday's games as playoff-bound losers from last week look to get their first win of the season today. Can teams like the New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints rebound for Week 2?

We'll find out.

Here's my picks for Week 2 (team in bold is who I'm picking):

Steelers vs Ravens (Yes, got that pick wrong)
Dolphins vs Bills
Jaguars vs Redskins
Cowboys vs Titans
Cardinals vs Giants
Patriots vs Vikings
Saints vs Browns
Falcons vs Bengals
Lions vs Panthers
Rams vs Buccaneers
Seahawks vs Chargers
Texans vs Raiders
Jets vs Packers
Chiefs vs Broncos
Bears vs 49ers
Eagles vs Colts

Last week: 10-6
Total record: 10-6


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