Lane Kiffin September 2014

According to CBS, former USC cornerback Brian Baucham is suing former Trojans head coach Lane Kiffin after forcing him to play a game while he was sick.

Here are the details, via BSO:

Former USC cornerback Brian Baucham has filed a lawsuit against the university and former head coach Lane Kiffin, alleging that he suffered a brain injury during a game after he was forced to play while ill.

According to CBS Los Angeles, Baucham claims he suffered cardiopulmonary damage and brain injury when the Trojans played Cal on Sept. 22, 2012. He had been diagnosed with a concussion two months prior to the game and says he became ill before kickoff, but Kiffin allegedly forced him to play. Baucham collapsed on the field during the second half and was taken to a nearby hospital.

Baucham spent several days on a ventilator under the supervision of doctors and did not play for USC again. The lawsuit also claims that USC tried to revoke his scholarship after he was injured.

Kiffin definitely deserves what he will get if this story is true.


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