New England Patriots v Kanas City Chiefs

Tom Brady has been noticeably bad through the first four weeks of the 2014 NFL season, and he hit rock bottom on Monday night after the New England Patriots received a 41-14 beat-down at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs.

At 37 years old, Brady is definitely on the decline and it has shown these past two seasons. It's gotten so bad that his stat-sheet actually looks worse than some of the quarterbacks in his own division, the AFC East.

Via CBS Sports, here's how Brady compares to the other QBs in his division:

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 7.06.58 PM

Player D is Brady.

Who are the others?

Player A is EJ Manuel, who was just benched by the Bills for Kyle Orton.

Player B, Geno Smith, is barely holding off Michael Vick for the Jets.

Player C, Ryan Tannehill, was a big game against the Raiders away from losing his Dolphins starting quarterback job to Matt Moore.

Player D is Tom Brady.

Yeah, that's pretty bad.

Luckily for New England, they are only 2-2 right now. Hopefully they can somehow get it together, but signs right now show that isn't the case ... especially since they'll be facing the undefeated Cincinnati Bengals next.


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