Nike KD 7 Kevin Durant Holding Shoes

By now, you have probably heard about Kevin Durant deciding to stay with Nike for a deal worth about $300 million over 10 years.

Durant made the official announcement on Twitter about staying with the swoosh:


With Durant staying, what does this mean for him? What does it mean for Nike? Will he regret not signing with Under Armour?

Here are some pros and cons of KD staying Nike...

Pro: Nike KD Line is IntactKevin Durant Leo Chang Nike KD 4

It's so ironic how KD gets this new deal right before the Nike KD 7 "Easy Money" sneaker is set to launch on September 10.

Despite that, expect to see a ton of KD 7 sneakers to be made this year as Nike begins the process of trying to make the money back that they just spent on the Oklahoma City Thunder star small forward.

This also means a ton of potential for the future of the KD line. Designer Leo Chang has been the one designing Durant's sneakers, and it could start something new in the sneaker culture.

There's a strong connection between Michael Jordan and Tinker Hatfield, since he's made the majority of the Air Jordan sneakers including iconic ones like the 3s and 11s. Could the same thing grow with Chang and KD?

Only time will tell.

Con: Still Behind LeBron James and Kobe Bryant

LeBron Kobe KD Nike Superhero

The major issue for Kevin Durant is that he's still behind the likes of LeBron James and Kobe Bryant on the Nike Basketball sneaker ladder.

Of course, LeBron has the most popular shoes in the game. He leads KD and Kobe by several miles. Kobe is up there with his loyal fanbase while KD's is still growing, yet still behind.

It's not exactly a major issue, because as times go on, this con will very soon turn into a pro. Flip the next page to find out why.

Pro: KD Will Eventually Be the Face of Nike

Kevin Durant 2014 MVP Nike Ad

Evers since taking home with 2014 NBA MVP award, Kevin Durant is on the rise in almost everything whether it's his overall superstardom, marketability and basketball skills and legacy.

The marketability will be ever-growing for the next few years as Durant will very soon become the face of the NBA, or at least the league's best player.

LeBron is 30 years old and many say he only has about 2-4 very good years left in him to be playing at the level he is currently at, along with his athleticism. KD is much younger than LBJ, it's only a matter of a couple of years before he passes LeBron as the league's best player.

You can also pinpoint this to his sneaker line with Nike. Kobe has only a few years left before he retires, and who knows if Nike will continue to make sneakers for him once he's done? The same goes for LeBron once he's done.

With that said, it's only a matter of time before KD is the face of Nike, or at the very least strongly competing with LeBron in sneaker sales.

Con: Adding to the Nike Monopoly

Kevin Durant Nike KD 7 35K Degrees

When you think of buying basketball sneakers, usually what comes to mind are Nikes. Whether it's LeBrons, Kobes, KDs, Air Jordans, Hyperdunks, etc., it's mostly Nike.

Other brands like Adidas are up there, but they don't come close to the impact Nike has on the basketball sneaker market. KD helps in that.

It seems like, however, more and more people are looking to branch out and try out other sneaker brands, too. You see a lot of people trying out Adidas more, looking at some Reebok and FILA retros and some of the Ewings.

KD could have done something like that and add more diversity to the sneaker market if he joined Under Armour. It would honestly be cool if that happened.

I can't fault him, though. If you want to sell kicks, your best bet is with Nike. 

Pro: Increased Production of Nike KD Sneakers

Kevin Durant Nike N7 Ad

Expect to see Nike producing a lot more Nike KD sneakers so they can get some more bang for their buck from investing $300 million into Durant.

This means more general releases, which isn't a bad thing. It will just make the limited drops of the KD sneakers more coveting for sneakerheads, and more valuable too.

The KD brand appeals very largely to the young audience, so expect to see a lot of kids trying to cop, whether it's a major GR or not. So folks who are big into collecting KDs, this is some good news for you.

However, you might not be happy reading the next page of this article....

Con: Increased Price on Nike KD Sneakers

Kevin Durant Nike KD 7

If you look at the Nike KD line, the price of the sneakers has increased dramatically since the launch of the Nike KD 4.

For the first four sneakers of Durant's signature shoe line, the price was in the $80-90 range retail. Nike and KD did this on purpose as they wanted this signature line to be he premier shoe for people who can't afford basketball sneakers like LeBrons and Jordans.

However, things have changed and it all began with the KD 4. The price for the shoe was $95 retail. The next year, the Nike KD 5 launched with a $115 retail price tag. And it just kept going up. The Nike KD 6? $130. The new Nike KD 7? $150.

Who knows what the price will be next year when the Nike KD 8 releases, but it's likely going to increase and be at least $150. Nike is here to make money, and with giving $300 million to Kevin Durant, expect the shoe price to rise over the years.

It's only a matter time before the Nike KD line reaches the heights of where LeBron and Kobe are at right now when the sneakers retail in the $200 range.

Pro: More KD Apparel

Kevin Durant Foot Locker

As mentioned on the very first page, Nike is going to have to start producing more stuff that has Kevin Durant's name on it as well as putting his name out there a lot more to make a profit on the $300 million they handed over to him.

This marks the start for KD's apparel to grow. It's not sneakers, but clothing.

Usually when you would walk into a Foot Locker or Finish Line, the Nike Basketball clothing is likely filled with stuff featuring Kobe and LeBron. KD plays a small role in that market, but more of his apparel has been dropping lately since the launch of the Nike KD 6 last year.

Expect to see it boom as 2014 and 2015 go by with the KD 7 line.

Con: Money With Under Armour

Kevin Durant under Armour

Nike did make a counter offer to keep Kevin Durant, so they didn't exactly pay more or matched Under Armour's alleged deal. Nike's deal is roughly $285 million, while it was said the deal with UA was for $300 million.

While the $15 million isn't much of a difference, the other aspect was KD's role with Under Armour. It was said that the company could give the NBA star a small ownership stake, which could be huge down the road.

It would be even bigger if Durant could've helped Under Armour in building a legit basketball empire.

Pro: Money With Nike, Ending Rumors

Kevin Durant Nike KD 6

If you ain't talkin' money, I don't wanna talk.

While the same could be said for Durant if he joined Under Armour, staying with Nike for about the same price is a no-brainer decision. For one, it's Nike. The brand just has a certain style that makes them appealing over other companies like Adidas and UA.

Nike is simply too diverse and big to have any legit competitor, and if Durant can be one of the top faces for that type of brand ... why not?

After 10 years, it's more likely KD makes more money off Nike than he did with Under Armour, considering the royalties he must make off the stuff that's getting sold in his name. UA probably won't come even close to selling the amount of KD apparel that Nike can.

This also helps slow down the rumors of Durant going to his hometown Washington Wizards. With UA being in Maryland (Durant's home state), people could see it as the stepping stone for Durant wanting to sign with the Wizards during the 2016 NBA free agency period.

In the end, I think KD made the right decision. Nike made the right decision for deciding to match the offer and keep him, too. Overall, a good move for both sides. Well done.


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