Floyd Mayweather September 2014

Floyd Mayweather has been severely clowned on over the past few weeks ever since 50 Cent said the boxer couldn't read, as well as audio releasing of him struggling to read.

Now Manny Pacquiao has hopped on the bandwagon in clowning in the boxer. The PacMan talked about why Floyd doesn't want to fight him because he's "uneducated" and "sets a bad example."

“Well, I think he is worried about his record. He talks about his zero losses. The zero that means so much to him means nothing when measured against who he fought,” Pacquiao said, per Boxing Scene. “You talk pound-for-pound best, or undefeated champion. If you don’t defend against the best, none of that means anything.”

“[He is] not [scared] of fighting, but perhaps of what one night could do to his zero of losses. I think I finally understand him:…what he says,…how he acts,…and I don’t like it. But what l learned and heard from him, well, I realize why he is like that. I understand sometimes when the people are not educated they just talk to talk. He sets a very bad example.”



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