Former legendary boxer Mike Tyson is never afraid to speak his mind, and he did so on Thursday when speaking to Canadian news reporter Nathan Downer on the CP24 channel station.

During the interview, Downer asked Tyson about meeting with Toronto mayor Rob Ford. Downer asked Tyson what he thought of people reportedly telling Ford not to meet with a "convicted rapist." That question set things off for Tyson.

"I don't know who said that," he said. "You're the only one I heard say that, you know what I mean? And I don't have no comment to that. Because it's negative and you're being negative and I met the Mayor. There's nothing they can do about it."

Tyson then unleashed.

"It's so interesting because you come across as a nice guy, but you're really a piece of shit."

Downer replied saying, "We're doing live TV."

Tyson, of course, did not care. Nor should he. He ended up saying more curse words and eventually saying "Fuck you" to Downer.

Take a look:


Downer wrote this on Twitter following the shaky interview:



As for Tyson, one of his representatives said that Tyson was upset during the interview because Downer went so off-topic in it.

"Mike was there to promote his very successful 1-man show and we felt deceived, bamboozled by the reporter when he broke our agreement to focus on the show by going off-topic," he said, via TMZ.

(H/T Complex)


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