Chris Paul NBA Live 15

Last year, EA Sports tried hyping up NBA Live 14, which would be available for only the next gen consoles like the XBOX One and PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, the game was awful and the graphics look like they were from a model like the Playstation 2 instead.

NBA Live 15 has some hope, though.

Not too long ago, we posted a video for the visuals trailer for the game. Today, screenshots were released for the game, and man do they look impressive.

The one above of Los Angeles Clippers star point guard Chris Paul is very nice. It's actually quite unbelievable, compared to last year's game. If the graphics are on par like this, NBA 2K15 could have some run for their money.

We'll see if NBA Live 15 truly is the real deal once we get some gameplay video and trailer. Otherwise, peep the other screesnhots on the next few pages.

(H/T Operation Sports)

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