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The last time people really saw Tracy McGrady, he was on the baseball mound. You also can't forget when he was on the San Antonio Spurs prior to that when in the NBA.

Now 35 years old, will T-Mac ever consider a return? It could be possible.

According to Adrian Wojnrowski of Yahoo Sports, the former star shooting guard was seen working out with Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant. In the words of Woj, T-Mac was "testing the preparedness of his body for a possible NBA comeback attempt."

"Yes, I was working out with K.B. to get in shape and see how my body feels," McGrady said.

McGrady reportedly worked out with Kobe three days a week for period of time back in August. Two NBA teams reportedly had interest in him, but never went far into trying to sign him.

In addition, McGrady is going to be on a lucrative, contracted basketball tour in China when October comes, Y! reports. With that, it makes it almost impossible for him to compete and try out for a team during training camp.

"The comeback will not happen, unless I have the drive whenever I get back," McGrady said.

T-Mac also played a bit of basketball in China, which could be a reason why he'll be doing that tour. He's been a big hit in the country since being teammates with Yao Ming on the Houston Rockets.

We'll see if T-Mac returns sometime this season.


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