Ray Rice September 2014

It's kind of shocking how the NFL was unable to obtain the video of former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice punching his wife, while TMZ.com could.

Despite that, the NFL was able to see it anyways and gave Rice a harsher punishment than his initial two-game suspension. With this, Rice is now without a job, has lost endorsements and can't even play himself in Madden.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell commented on the new video, calling it "sickening."

"It's so graphic, it's so clear, and that's very difficult for anyone to accept. It's sickening," he said, via USA Today.

Goodell says he did not see the video of Rice until Monday morning.

"We asked for it on multiple occasions," he said. "We asked law enforcement and they were not willing to provide it. I think they were under some legal requirements not to provide it, as I understand it."

Goodell then answered on if he knew the video existed or not.

"We suspected (it existed), that's why we asked for it. So we said: 'Is there any other information? Is there a video in the elevator? We would like to view it, we want to have all the information.' "

We'll see what's next for Rice as this process continues.


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