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The Los Angeles Lakers had several chances these past two seasons to pair one or two superstar-caliber players with Kobe Bryant.

It never happened. In 2013, Dwight Howard left to join the Houston Rockets. This year, LeBron James didn't even give the Lakers consideration and went back to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Carmelo Anthony, however, had a legit shot at going to Hollywood.

Melo eventually returned to the New York Knicks, and it seemed like the right decision since he received "MVP" chants on Friday from fans during an open practice.

A report came out recently that the Lakers aren't getting any superstars because none of them want to play with Kobe. Melo was asked if this notion was true for him, in which he denied.

"Hell no. Of course not," Anthony said. "If I thought that [playing for the Lakers] was the right situation for me from an overall perspective as far as having a team there, then I would have looked at that situation more in-depth. I just felt more comfortable staying here in New York. But as far as playing with him ... I'm here now but I would always love to play with Kobe."

Anthony is probably in a much better situation anyways staying in New York.


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