Delonte West October 2014

Delonte West has really fell off the NBA map ever since LeBron James first left the Cleveland Cavaliers back in 2010. Of course, there was that rumor that he banged LeBron's mother (which is false), but that's basically what he's known for today.

In The Game's song, "Married to the Game," French Montana had a feature in it where he dropped several sports references. The best one?

Take a look, which talks about Gary Payton and Delonte West:

Got the glove on, Gary in this motherfucker
Delonte West, motherfucker

So simple, yet so hilarious. In the verse, Montana also says, "Got them Birds, Larry in this motherfucker."

There are actually several sports references throughout the entire song, which you can see in the lyrics below:

I just noticed that a few days ago since I bought Game's album, "Blood Moon: Year of the Wolf." Surprisingly, it's not the first time Game has dropped a Delonte West reference in one of his songs, either. I guess he has some type of hatred towards LeBron.

Either way, this is now my favorite song on the album.



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