Kevin Durant October 2014

In the next episode of Kevin Durant deleting what he posts on social media, we get this nice gem from what he did late Saturday night on Instagram.

KD posted a video singing Drake's new track, "How About Now."

Take a look:

It looks like the video was deleted just a few minutes after he posted it, but he kept this photo up still which was posted literally a minute after the video:

Young toon x Elvis freshly x Snipe heem

Фото опубликовано Kevin Durant (@easymoneysniper) вкл.

Obviously, this isn't the first time KD has deleted stuff, and it won't be the last. Just a couple days ago, he fired shots at ESPN on Twitter for his #NBARank, but then deleted the tweet. We also can't forget when he sang about Young Thug.

Honestly, it's not a big deal at all if KD does this. Who gives a damn? But it's been a running joke for awhile, so it's pretty funny to post about whenever this happens.


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