Steve Nash Kobe Bryant Lakers 2014

Steve Nash will be out for the rest of 2014-15 NBA season due to a back injury, and it's likely how his legendary career is going to end unfortunately.

Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant, who had been battling injuries like Nash these past few seasons, gave a salute to the veteran point guard after the recent heartbreaking news.

Bryant says Nash can go to sleep knowing he gave it his all in order to try and come back this season.

"You can control what you can control," Bryant said on Friday night. "He did everything to get back and play at a high level. From that standpoint he should be able to sleep at night. I know I would. I can only think about that in my situation; I just tried to do everything possible to be ready, and if it wasn't in the cards, if I couldn't get back to being at that level, you just have to accept it and when you lay your head down you know that you did absolutely everything possible."

Bryant was informed on Thursday by general manager Mitch Kupchak regarding the news of Nash.

"It's tough," Bryant said. "I just asked him if he was in good spirits and he said, 'Yeah.' It kind of is what it is at this point. ... He struggled with his back even when he was in his prime. I really don't think it's an age thing, it's an injury thing. He's had to deal with it his entire career, and it just caught up with him now."


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