Rachel A. DeMita NBA 2KTV

If you have "NBA 2K15" on PS4 or XBOX One, you probably recognize this girl here saying "Hey guys!" when you're on the dashboard of the video game.

She's Rachel A. DeMita, the host of "NBA 2KTV," an actual TV show that will be in the game. You'll see it every time you open up the game.

DeMita isn't just some random person, though. She's a baller herself and used to play at Old Dominion, so she fits perfectly for this job.

According to Elite Daily, she "will be traveling the country all season long to bring you the latest NBA exclusives, including interviews, features and 2K community-inspired content that’s unlike anything before."

She was even in this intro with Kevin Durant:


DeMita is excited about being the host.

"It’s the quickest way to connect your community and the people who play the game to what’s going on in the game and what goes on in the culture that surrounds the game," she said.

Are you looking forward to DeMita this year?

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