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Nike has always had the luxury of getting the top notch athletes to represent their basketball department, and they have been succeeding with it for decades now.

It all began with Michael Jordan in 1985, which is now what you see as Jordan Brand today. In 2003, Nike was able to get LeBron James. Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant soon followed, and now soon Kyrie Irving.

Out of all the athletes mentioned, James poses as the best option to be on a MJ-level for Nike and its business. James has been the top player in the NBA for years now, and his legacy just continues to grow.

Could LBJ soon pass MJ himself when it comes to sneakers and what not for the swoosh? Nike CEO Mark Parker thinks it's definitely possible for the Cleveland Cavaliers star small forward.

"MJ is a tough act to follow in that sense, but I never say never. It's amazing the business that has - we've established around Michael Jordan, around his legend and legacy," Parker said in an interview with Bloomberg. "I've been there since day one when we introduced the first Jordan shoe. And to see what's happened with that brand and with Michael, he's the athlete other athletes love. He's the one that when he walks in a room everybody's jaw drops. They're in awe of him. It's really interesting to watch that."

James currently sells the most shoes out of any active NBA player right now, having $300 million in sales last year with Nike. It's definitely possible he could reach Jordan stature, especially since there's already been talks of actually retroing some of LeBron's old sneakers.

Do you think James could surpass Jordan in future?


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