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The Chicago Bulls made a blockbuster deal back in the 1987 NBA Draft, trading No. 8 overall pick Olden Polynice to acquire Scottie Pippen from the Seattle Supersonics.

There, a legacy was born with Michael Jordan and Pippen winning six titles during the 1990s for the Bulls. However, Polynice thinks MJ would have won three more rings if he was kept over Scottie.

From TMZ:

"We were never SUPPOSED to be traded," Olden tells us ... "If I had played for Chicago, we woulda won more titles."

"And I didn't have migraines early on in my career ... I've never had migraines like Scottie ... so there were a couple of years they really could've beaten Detroit ... and they didn't."

BTW -- Scottie was ranked as one of the 50 greatest players in the history of the NBA ... but Olden says that stat doesn't matter -- he would have been the better man for the Bulls.

In fact, O.P. says had the Bulls kept him -- instead of Pippen -- they would've won at least 3 more titles (9 overall) ... and Michael Jordan "woulda been knockin' on Bill Russell's door."

Here's video, too:


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