Goran Dragic Isaiah Thomas Eric Bledsoe Suns 2014

The Phoenix Suns are taking the concept of the "small ball" lineup to a whole new level.

At one point during their Friday night preseason matchup against the Utah Jazz, Suns head coach Jeff Hornacek utilized a lineup featuring all three of the team's point guards: Isaiah Thomas, Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe.

This means one of these guys played small forward, which was the 6-foot-1 Bledsoe who was guarding the 6-foot-8 Gordan Hayward.

Phoenix has actually made it work, though. When using it against the San Antonio Spurs during a certain stretch, they ended up going on a 11-2 run. They even won the game, 105-100.

Suns forward PJ Tucker is a fan of it, and believes that it is the best lineup to use for the team in the 2014-15 NBA season.

"I love it," Tucker said, who plays power forward in that lineup. "That's the best lineup to me. What is anybody going to do? We've got three of the best point guards in the league at the same time. The spacing on the floor is amazing. On the other end, we're small but feisty. These guys are dogs."

The Suns made this type of small-ball lineup popular last year when playing both of their point guards in Dragic and Blesdoe in the backcourt. Adding in Thomas, and you have three playmakers getting things done.

We'll see how often the Suns use this lineup, and if it ends up working. It'll actually be cool too, especially if they face the Cleveland Cavaliers. There, we can see Blesdoe, who's regarded as "Mini-LeBron," actually guard LeBron James himself.


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