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Nike is going too far.

Recently on Twitter, photos have been popping up of what looks like a suit made out of Nike's Tech Fleece fabric and materials. And, well, it looks pretty ridiculous.


Others agreed:



Luckily for those of you who are in disgust over this photo, it's not real.

According to TheFader.com, it's a concept design created by Clothsurgeon using Nike's Tech Fleece materials:

It seems like the whole Internet has been going on about the Nike fleece suit—you know, the one that isn't actually made by Nike. Though the two brands have collaborated before, London bespoke tailoring outfit Clothsurgeon created the "SweatSUIT" out of Nike Tech Pack fabric as a playful experiment. Modeled here by Clothsurgeon's Creative Director, Rav Matharu, the suit is "fully lined and features working cuffs, as well as front dual bucket pockets from the fleece plant's original pockets," according to HypeBeast. Commenters across various platforms are divided by the piece, which flaunts an elastic sweatband. Whether they think it's dumpy, gimmicky, or a brilliant feat of tailoring—people are buzzing. Below, peep some more angles of the cozy-looking two-piece, plus a few outspoken reactions from Twitter.

So much for that.


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