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The Dallas Cowboys offensive line has been insanely good, setting up big runs for DeMarco Murray and allowing quarterback Tony Romo enough time to gun the ball to his wide receivers.

Murray and Romo have both awarded the o-line in the past this season, such as Apple iMac computers or Louis Vuitton bags. Now it's Dez Bryant's turn.

Bryant, who's signed with Jordan Brand, hooked the squad up with Air Jordan retro sneakers.


Per the Dallas Morning News, the sizes ranged from 13.5 to 17 for the lineman. They were Air Jordan 14 retros. The colorway is unknown, but my guess is these guys since they match the Cowboys colors.

Bryant says he wants his o-line to stay "swagged up," which is why he copped the Js for them.

“They been ballin’, man. I feel like I stay swagged up, so they deserve to be swagged up, too. There you go. That’s what it’s about.”


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