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This is downright wrong, but not surprising.

Zionsville High School of Zionsville, Indiana was under fire recently when students created a college basketball-style bracket ranking the girls in the school based off their appearance, according to Fox 59 in Indy. Zionsville Community school officials say this isn't the first time such an incident occurred.

Above is the photo of the supposed bracket. It included fake sponsors like how the NCAA ones have it, which have been blurred out. The account for the bracket, @Zbracketology, has been shut down.

Here's what superintendent Scott Robison had to say about this:

On Wednesday evening at 9:23 ZCHS officials received a report on their anonymous tip line that a bracket site had been created. The investigation began immediately and moved more swiftly as soon as students arrived at school on Thursday morning. Through a review of the public twitter feeds of several students and student interviews, school leaders were able to address the matter. This is not the first time we have dealt with students making inappropriate choices on social media that have led to disciplinary consequences. These brackets have no place in our school. In this particular instance our high school officials were able to successfully have the bracket removed from social media within hours of the initial report.

It's unknown of how many students were involved, but they were definitely some voicing it on Twitter:




Ignorance at its finest.


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