Manny Pacquiao Chris Algieri November 2014

There’s one question that’s on everyone’s lips going into the big fight between Manny Pacquiao and Chris Algieri this weekend: who’s going to be still standing after that knockout bell rings?

So far, the bookies favourite is Algieri.

This young boxer has a ton of optimism and is completely dedicated to his upcoming bout with Pacquiao. Fresh off his narrow victory against Emmanuel Taylor, this Long Island native could put up quite a fight against his new rival, although his last opponent was still a few steps behind Pacquiao in terms of skill and sheer boxing talent.

However, where Algieri comes ahead is that in the last few years Pacquiao has been distracted from boxing with gambling, drinking and marriage problems that saw the Filipino boxer turning to God.

Couple that with his commitments to Filipino politics and a struggling basketball career, it’s hard to see where he’s going to get his drive to fight from or whether he can still hold his own in a boxing ring.

According to boxer Timothy Bradley, who’s been in the ring twice with Manny Pacquiao, he said this of his former rival: “You don’t want to be against the ropes with Pacquiao. His footwork is unlike anyone else in boxing. He throws punches while he’s still moving.”

But what does this translate to in the ring?

Well, Pacquiao plays a lot of defence to gauge how the other fighter moves and how hard they hit. Once he manages to get around Algieri’s style of long jabs and light punches, he’ll undoubtedly move in for the kill and completely flatten his opponent with a few wrecking ball strength punches.

Because of his size, Pacquiao has a better angle of attack. As long as he can keep Algieri shelled in a corner, he’ll pose little threat to this Filipino powerhouse. If Algieri can’t keep on the offensive and starts pulling back from his opponents punches, he’s going to crumble like a house of cards in the first round.

We think that first bout will be key to cementing Pacquiao’s victory. Although he doesn’t have a ton of stamina, as long as he can keep pushing he should grind down Algieri's defence.

These are just hypotheticals, but we’ve pooled our information from a few reputable expert sources and we used only the best experts in the fighting community in the same way you would use research by casinojuggler.com to find the best online gambling sites out there.

Overall, our final predictions for this weekend’s fight are that Algieri will be down about the middle of the night with a TKO. We base this on the fact that there’s no real money behind him winning.

So simply put, it seems like he was put in to be knocked out and set Pacquiao up for a bigger bout with a more important fight.

Although whether we’re right or not with our predictions, this fight will be something we’ll just have to wait and see on.

Source link: http://insidefight.com/prediction/manny-pacquiao-vs-chris-algieri-boxing-prediction


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