Brian Hoyer November 2014 Throw

I don't know what it is about Brian Hoyer, but he's been pretty magical at quarterback for the Cleveland Browns this season.

The Browns are now 6-3 on the season, their best start for a long time. For his career, Hoyer is now 9-3 as a starter on the Browns, and it's obvious that he should be rewarded for what he is doing.

Cleveland has yet to name Hoyer as their future franchise QB, but if he isn't, there's plenty of NFL teams willing to take a chance on him and pay him big bucks in the offseason.

Hoyer is only making $1 million in salary this season, less than backup rookie QB Johnny Manziel. As he continues to rack up wins for Cleveland, the Browns will have to make a tough decision in the offseason.

It makes it tougher since Hoyer is reportedly looking for an Andy Dalton-type contract, according to CBS Sports:

Despite having one of the worst group of skill players in the NFL and with the running game and pass protection hurt massively by the loss of All-Pro center Alex Mack, Hoyer has continued to get results even with the Browns' defensive woes. To this point it has yet to provoke a new contract offer from management, and league sources suggested Hoyer would likely look to Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton as a comparable player in negotiations (coincidentally, Hoyer far outshined Dalton in a victory Thursday night).

Dalton's contract is essentially a series of one-year deals with significant flexibility for the team, but Dalton did land $12 million to sign and $17 million guaranteed, which is far more than what Hoyer could have secured before the season.

It will be interesting to see what Cleveland does this offseason, but they'll probably have to see how Hoyer does for the remaining seven weeks of the season. I mean, you never know, Manziel could end up starting in one of those weeks...


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