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I'm not sure if the Indiana Pacers had this plan initially drawn up or this just happened because it did, but I think it's safe to go with the latter.

Down 96-94 to the Washington Wizards in overtime, the Pacers had several options with the time ticking down. They could tie the game up and force double-OT, or go big or go home by trying a game-winning 3-pointer.

Indiana tried the game-winning 3, but that shot ended up getting attempted by center Roy Hibbert. Hibbert has only 20 3s in his six-year NBA career, and he's made just six of them. He went 2-of-5 from downtown last season.

With it being a 70 percent chance he misses, that ended up being true as Hibbert horribly bricked it:


Donald Sloan should've just went for the game-tying layup here. Though it would be tough to make, he probably had a better chance of making it than that Hibbert 3-pointer.

Hibbert only had two points, five blocks, nine rebounds and four assists in the game, as the Pacers now drop to 1-4 on the season.


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