Peyton Manning Randy Moss College

Peyton Manning and Randy Moss are one of the all time greats at their positions during their NFL careers, but both never had the chance of playing with each other.

Manning once tried to recruit Moss at Tennessee when they were both at college, but that never was able to happen. The two never had the same uniform together in the NFL, though Moss did play with the likes of Tom Brady on the New England Patriots.

Moss has done almost everything in the NFL, whether it's making highlight plays or breaking records like he did in 2007 with 23 touchdown catches. One thing is missing, though: a Super Bowl ring.

Moss, who is 38 years old and now retired, says he would come out of retirement if Manning asked to join him with the Denver Broncos.

"I’m gonna tell you this, for me to come out of retirement for a player such as Peyton Manning, I would consider that. I really would consider it. I’m still in great shape, I can still run. I’m not the most old, but just by looking at the things I see on Sundays, I can still go out there and catch some passes and catch some touchdowns," Moss said, via the Denver Post.

Moss was also reportedly contacted by the Seattle Seahawks when they traded Percy Harvin to the New York Jets.


Moss last played in the 2012 season with the San Francisco 49ers, catching 28 passes for 434 yards and three touchdown. That team eventually made it to the Super Bowl, but lost.

Seeing a 38-year-old Moss catch passes from a veteran Manning would be interesting to see. It's likely Manning will be back next year with Denver, barring some injury or retirement, so hopefully he can call up Moss just for the hell of it.

Or, you know, maybe this year before Denver begins a playoff run...


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