Brandon LaFell February 2015

What happened on infamous pass play on the one-yard line during this year's Super Bowl will be talked about forever. New England Patriots wide receiver Brandon LaFell had an interesting take on the situation, though.

LaFell, who caught a touchdown pass in the game, says he wished head coach Bill Belichick let the Seahawks score a touchdown, leaving enough time for Tom Brady and company to have a game-winning drive for the ages.

“Once he caught the ball, I was just like I hope the coaches let ‘em score,” LaFell said on NFL Network. “Let ‘em score so we can get the ball back, leaves 50, 40 seconds; they haven’t been able to stop us the whole fourth quarter.”

The Patriots were down 24-14 entering the fourth, but shredded through the Seahawks defense throughout the entire fourth quarter. Who's to say they couldn't score again, even with 30 seconds?

I personally would disagree with that notion. It would also be dumb alone just to let the Seahawks score.

It's not like the situation in 2011 versus the New York Giants. The G-Men only needed a field goal to score, and the Pats just went ahead and let Ahmad Bradshaw have his famous touchdown, leaving a minute on the clock left for New England to score a TD.

It didn't happen of course, and it'd be less likely to be happen in this year's Super Bowl with much less time remaining (though all they would have to do is score a field goal, since they would hypothetically be down 31-28).

Oh well, I guess it doesn't really matter now. The Patriots won, and you can't change the past.


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