Ryan Grigson February 2015

Indianapolis Colts general manager spoke to reporters during the NFL Scouting Combine on Thursday, and was, of course, asked about the New England Patriots' ongoing DeflateGate investigation.

Grigson told the media that he reported to the NFL about the Patriots' footballs during the week leading up to the AFC Championship game.

"We went into the game, we had some issues, we're going to do what we can and that's participate with the league and the investigation and wait until the Wells report comes out," Grigson said, per ESPN.

Grigson did not acknowledge what caused him to report on New England. His Colts lost the game, 45-7.

Attorney Ted Wells is leading the investigation, and it is still going as of this moment.

"We had concerns, and just like any general manager would do, he wants their team to play on an even playing field," Grigson said. "We took the proper steps to try to ensure that. It's up to the league to make sure that happens. Again, if rules were broken, we'll see. If not, that's what the investigation is for. We're just doing our jobs and try to give our team the best chance to win on a level playing field."


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