The NBA Playoffs begin today! For these next two months, it's going to be crazy awesome basketball.

Are you ready for the first round? Here are my picks leading all the way up to the NBA Finals. Enjoy!

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First Round

LeBron James Jae Crowder Cavaliers Celtics 2015

(1) Atlanta Hawks vs (8) Brooklyn Nets: As a Pacers fan, I was pissed to see my squad lose out on making the postseason. I feel like they would stand a better chance versus Atlanta. Nonetheless, I can only see Brooklyn stealing maybe a game or two at best in this series. Atlanta is too much.

Hawks in 5.

(1) Golden State Warriors vs (8) New Orleans Pelicans: It's Anthony Davis versus the Warriors, basically. Davis can overpower some of Golden State's backcourt, but he can only do so much. I think the Pelicans can only steal a game at best. The Warriors are too deep and too good for New Orleans.

Warriors in 5. 

(2) Cleveland Cavaliers vs (7) Boston Celtics: The Celtics are one of the surprises of the season, but they won't able to do much versus LeBron James and the Cavaliers. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love will be playing in their very first playoff series. Will be interesting to see, but Cleveland gets this easily.

Cavaliers sweep. 

(2) Houston Rockets vs (7) Dallas Mavericks: The Mavs have a solid chance of upsetting, but I think Houston is too much to handle. They have possible league MVP James Harden, and he's going to do work. A lot of pressure is on this Mavs squad to do well, though.

Rockets in 6. 

(3) Chicago Bulls vs (6) Milwaukee Bucks: Bucks in 6. Just kidding. However, don't sleep on this Bucks team. Derrick Rose is just coming back and some of these players have been banged up throughout the season on Chicago. I think it's enough for Milwaukee to pull out some wins in this one. Bulls still get it done, though.

Bulls in 6. 

(3) Los Angeles Clippers vs (6) San Antonio Spurs: I pick the Clippers to dominate every year and they let me down. Notion says I shouldn't pick them, especially against the defending champions who have been hot as of late. But what the heck, I'm going with CP3's squad.

Clippers in 7.

(4) Toronto Raptors vs (5) Washington Wizards: This will be the closest and probably the most entertaining series in the East. We got Drake and his #WeTheNorth squad against the squad with a player mostly everyone hates: Paul Pierce. It will be the fun the nonetheless, but I think Washington squeaks out.

Wizards in 7. 

(4) Portland Trail Blazers vs (5) Memphis Grizzlies: It seems like Memphis is favored in this one, but some of their guys have been banged up as of late. I also feel like LaMarcus Aldrige and Damian Lillard will get their shine on like last season in the first round. Give me Portland in this "upset."

Blazers in 7. 


Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 1.45.27 PM

(1) Atlanta Hawks vs (5) Washington Wizards: The Wizards got by Toronto, but they aren't going to stand a chance against the Hawks. Their squad just isn't deep or experienced enough to take down ATL.

Hawks in 5.

(1) Golden State Warriors vs (4) Portland Trail Blazers: Like what I said about Washington, the same goes for the Blazers versus Golden State. What can Portland beyond Lillard and Aldrige. It will be like how they were versus San Antonio last season unfortunately.

Warriors in 5. 

(2) Cleveland Cavaliers vs (3) Chicago Bulls: The Bulls are deep, but the Cavaliers can contend with them. Cleveland has shown that, and Chicago hasn't had much luck ever with LeBron James-led teams. I think the same happens against. I don't think it will be close like many people have it, either.

Cavaliers in 5.

(2) Houston Rockets vs (3) Los Angeles Clippers: Chris Paul is on a mission and is hungry for a ring. The Rockets may have a higher seed, but I never felt like they were the better team than LA. I think the Clippers dominate in this series and put the Rockets in their place.

Clippers in 5. 

Conference Finals

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 1.49.42 PM

(1) Atlanta Hawks vs (2) Cleveland Cavaliers: The matchup many expect will happen. The Hawks seem to have a deeper team, and have given Cleveland some work throughout the regular season. But Cleveland — LeBron importantly — are a different animal in the postseason. Give me the Cavs, who put the Hawks in their place.

Cavaliers in 6.

(1) Golden State Warriors vs (3) Los Angeles Clippers: I really want to see Chris Paul and the Clips in the Finals, I really do. If they make it this far, it'd be crazy (though I honestly think they lose to the Spurs in the first round). But the Clips reach a brick wall in this series. The Warriors will be too much to handle.

Warriors in 6. 


(1) Golden State Warriors vs (2) Cleveland Cavaliers


It's the matchup everyone has predicted, and I'm going with that too. The Cavaliers will be a young squad going against a team that is deeper than them across the board.

History shows the Warriors should win this series in six games or so. I can agree with that, but I can't bet against the best player on the planet — LeBron James. Who knows, he could pull out something and win like he did in 2013. Or, it could be a devastating nightmare like last year when his Heat lost in five.

However, I don't think this Warriors team scares LeBron the way it might be if he were facing the Spurs. I feel like LeBron can do enough to lead his team to victory over Golden State. And man, who wouldn't want to see Kyrie vs Curry?



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