NBA players have voiced about voting for awards like the MVP themselves, and it looks like that may finally be happening.

The players association (NBPA) will be reportedly doing their own awards program.

"Guys are going to be able to recognize the guys they play against every night and what they do for their franchises," LeBron James, who recently was elected as vice president of the union, said Wednesday.

The players-only awards will obviously include the MVP award. It will be announced in a union meeting in Las Vegas in July.

Kevin Durant was one of the main players to voice about doing a players-only awards recently.

"The players know each other inside and out," reigning MVP Kevin Durant said over All-Star Weekend. "The media isn't in the film room and goes for sexy names."

Here's what LeBron had to say on how the official voting should be handled:

"It's a conversation we can have at a later date," James said. "The media has done a great job every single year picking the awards. But us players get to see the guys every single day, so it's a longer conversation."

Golden State Warriors star point guard Stephen Curry seems like the favorite to win the media one. It's unclear if he will win the players-only won.

As for LeBron, a four-time MVP, he knows who he's picking.

James said that players can't vote for themselves for awards. But who would his vote be for MVP this year?

"Myself," James said.


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