Joel Embiid Brett Brown 76ers 2015

This news might make some Philadelphia 76ers fans excited for whenever center Joel Embiid makes his debut in the NBA.

Embiid, who was drafted third overall by the Sixers in the 2014 NBA Draft, appears to have gotten taller. Embiid was drafted at 7-feet, 250 pounds, but it appears he has put on some weight has gotten two inches taller.

In his own words, "I'm 7'2" in sandals." 76ers head coach Brett Brown has the details, via Fox Sports:

“I get a text from Joel a few weeks ago in the middle of the night that said: ‘Guess how tall I am.’ And so I guessed seven-foot. Two minutes later he texts back ‘You’re wrong, I’m 7’2″.’ I text back ‘How do you know this?’ He texts back ‘Doctors. I’m 7’2″ in sandals.’ And when you stand next to him, when you’re around big men you understand the difference between seven-foot and seven-two, and he is 7’2″.”

Embiid hinted at a height growth when he posted this to Instagram the other day:

Incredible how your body can change in such a short amount of time #THEYSLEEP #HardWork

This also could mean that Embiid is healthy and ready to go now.

Sixers fans can't wait, I bet.


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