LeBron Bills Quarterback

Rex Ryan may be preparing to lead the Bills in his first season, but he’s still keeping up with LeBron James’ performance in the NBA Finals.

The intrigue led one reporter to ask Ryan who would be Buffalo’s LeBron at quarterback in 2015.

“Safe to say we won’t have LeBron at quarterback,” Ryan said, via the Buffalo News. “We may have a LeBron at defensive tackle or defensive end, but we don’t have him at quarterback.”

The Buffalo Bills are loaded on both offense and defense, but the Achilles heel of the franchise will definitely be the lack of star power at the quarterback position.

Ryan said that the battle between Matt Cassel, EJ Manuel and Tyrod Taylor may not be decided until the regular season starts.

“I don’t think we’ll see anything during minicamp that will say, ‘hey, this guy is our starter.’ That’s not going to happen,” Ryan said. “We’re going to keep that competition going and at least give guys opportunities when it’s time for football. But as far as being here, I feel good. I feel great about this team. I think there is going to be some competition at that position, and I think we have confident players at that position. But for us to say this guy’s the starter, that’s not going to happen.”

Tyrod Taylor may be the quarterback most capable of pulling off a LeBron James-type performance.


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