John Abraham June 2015

Former NFL player John Abraham was known for his ability to sack quarterbacks during his career, and making big hits. It appears he's doing that off the field now, too.

According to Complex, Abraham was accused of punching his business partner five times in the face at a strip club:

The former linebacker is wanted in Brookhaven, Ga. right now on a battery charge after allegedly punching his business partner Vladmir Ako in the face five times at a strip club called the Pink Pony back in February. According to Brookhaven police, Abraham and Ako had a falling out over money several years ago, but that didn't stop Ako from approaching Abraham when he saw him at the Pink Pony to try and smooth things over. Abraham wasn't having any of it, though, and he reportedly responded to Ako by punching him. Police have obtained surveillance video of the incident.


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