Zach Hampie appears to be living the life right now.

The man right now is most known for catching New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez's 3,000th hit baseball, but he also now appears to be hanging out with former adult film star Lisa Ann.

Total Pro Sports has the story:

So how did these two (probably not) lovebirds meet? Believe it or not, it all started before Hample caught Mr. Rod’s special ball. Earlier this season, Lisa Ann was trying to learn more about baseball for “Lisa Ann Does Fantasy,” her fantasy sports radio show on Sirius XM, when she came across Hample’s book, Watching Baseball Smarter. She loved it and tweeted as much. So they started communicating back and forth on social media, which turned into an appearance on Lisa Ann’s show, which turned into an outing at Shea Stadium to take in a Mets game, which turned into another appearance on Lisa Ann’s show after Hample caught A-Rod’s 3,000th hit, which turned into a day out of the town with that ball that included a (romantic???) brunch.

Of course, it’s hardly surprising that Lisa Ann and Zack Hample would hit it off. Both have an affinity for collecting things.

He collects baseballs. She collects pro athlete boy toys.



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