Every NBA offseason always means new rumors, in this case involving the Toronto Raptors for next year's free agency period.

The rumor is that the Raptors are looking to shop DeRozan right now instead of dealing the upcoming headache of when he demands for a big contract next summer.

DeRozan will be a free agent next year, and could ask for a whopping salary that leaves Toronto in an uncomfortable position.

From CBS Sports:

(GM Masai) Ujiri also could swing a deal involving part of his core. Whispers continue to circulate that DeMar DeRozan's camp will be after the new mid-max (a whopping $25.3 million) a year from now and there is no way the Raptors will be comfortable footing that bid.

The Raptors have already been rumored to blow their core up already, so I wouldn't be surprised if DeRozan ends up getting shipped elsewhere.


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