Well if his teachers are any indication, Terrelle Pryor is getting a great crash course on playing wide receiver in the NFL.

Pryor was signed last month by the Cleveland Browns, where he will compete for a roster spot as a wide receiver. To prepare for training camp, Pryor is training with the Steelers star Antonio Brown and former NFL great Randy Moss.

The former Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback says that “he’ll outwork all his competition” to become a great wide receiver.

I believe I can get great at anything,” Pryor said. “Just need the reps and just got to prove it. … There’s not a lot of guys who work like I work. I truly believe that. I believe somebody who works extremely hard is Antonio Brown. Definitely I’ve worked with him, I have had to opportunity to work out with him an awful lot. We spent a lot of time together in 2011 down in Florida, so I saw his work ethic. The drive, the nights we would run in the sand along the ocean, run miles miles every night.

“I’m 6-5, run fairly fast, jump fairly high. It’s gonna be a challenge, an opportunity to take on, rise against a challenge. I’ve been challenged my whole life, haven’t had the opportunities. I’m looking forward to this opportunity and hopefully I get one, see where it goes.”

Pryor is set to undergo a crazy learning curve, but believes his athletic ability will show and prove.

By Glenn Erby


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