There’s nothing cool about having someone bite you.

Finding humor in someone taking a chunk out of you, could provide a person with some relief in the healing process.

A bouncer at a pub thought it would be cool to get a tattoo to commemorate the nasty scar he received after getting bit in the leg by a drunk guy during a nasty altercation.

He surrounded the bite mark with a tattoo that reads: “Suarez was here!”

He explained his motivation in getting the tattoo to the Liverpool Echo.

"I’m actually scarred and it looks like a permanent bruise. I had the Suarez tattoo put on, even though I’m not a Liverpool fan, as shortly after that he was done for biting.

"I wanted to try to draw attention away from the actual bite mark so I had something put round it so people will mainly focus on the tattoo."

The Suarez reference, of course is a tribute to Barcelona striker Luis Suarez, whose claim to fame is biting guys on the field.

By Glenn Erby


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