Some crazy rumor has been floating around all over Twitter recently regarding Los Angeles Lakers star sixth man Nick "Swaggy P" Young and newly-drafted guard D'Angelo Russell.

Young currently wears No. 0 for the Lakers, while Russell wore the number in college when playing for the Ohio State Buckeyes. One would assume Russell would go ahead and pick a different number, perhaps like No. 1 or even the infamous double-zero.

However, Russell was recently reported saying that he will wear the No. 0 jersey because "that's how many people can guard me." Would he be competing with Swaggy P for the number?

According to this Twitter account, that may be the case:

The account has no credibility whatsoever, so one could assume that this could have been taken as a joke. However, A LOT of people believed this tweet as fact.

With that said, things got funnier when this got announced:

People are going crazy on Twitter about this — that Swaggy P defeated Russell in a one-on-one, humbling the young rookie.

I, for one, can't buy it right now. However, that would be very hilarious if it were true. I am kind of hoping it is, actually. It's kind of ironic too, since Swaggy P is now rumored to be traded by the Lakers.

So what do you think? Do you think this rumor is true or nah?

By Josh Dhani


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