After watching Robert Griffin III get destroyed during a preseason game against the Detroit Lions, one anonymous NFL head coach told Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report that he’s “never, ever, on any level" seen a head coach treat his quarterback with such a lack of respect.

When asked to explain, said coach pointed a number of different variables that showed that RG3 probably shouldn’t have been in the game.

“It’s easy to see that the line play was in shambles,” the coach said. “That happens, especially this time of year.

“That Lions front, even without [Ndamukong] Suh, is pretty ferocious. As a coach, you see your guys getting beat, and you see your quarterback especially take that first shot, every coach I know would have taken their quarterback out of the game.”

The coach stressed it’s not that Griffin might take hard shots. It’s that the line was playing so poorly that he was destined to.

“You can see from the tape it just wasn’t their night,” the coach said of the line.

“What is baffling,” he said, “is that I can’t think of a single head coach in the NFL who would take an injury-prone quarterback, put him behind a very shaky offensive line, in a preseason game, watch him take those kinds of hits and leave him in the game. It looks personal to me.”

According to the report, Gruden left RG3 in to take that beating so he could show him whose boss.   RG3 needs a change of scenery, but will probably be a shell of himself before that happens.

By Glenn Erby


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