Shaquille O’Neal has chimed in on the Michael Jordan vs LeBron James debate, picking a winner and declaring another player better than both.

O’Neal, visiting Hong Kong to promote an energy drink, says Michael Jordan would get the win over LeBron.

Mike,” he said. “I think you have to go with a young Jordan every time.”

The Diesel believes it would be a competitive contest, but Jordan was just special.

"It would be an interesting game. Young LeBron was more like Magic Johnson. He was sort of like Magic with Jordan’s abilities. He liked to pass, and he liked to get it up.

“But Mike was Mike. He was just special, like no one else. He always did things no one else could do, and things you couldn’t compare to anyone else. So he was special, and he’d win.”

O’Neal said ultimately that Julius Erving was better than both.

"I've seen young Mike and young LeBron and I must say Dr. J is still my favorite player. A lot of people today don't even mention his name but to me I still think he was the best. But these are questions that we'll never know the answer to.

"It's a bit like if I met Bruce Lee in an alleyway. Who would win? You'll never know. Some people say well Bruce would kick Shaq's ass. Some people say well Shaq is two times bigger than Bruce Lee. It's a good question, a good conversation. But we'll never know."

By Glenn Erby


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