Pedro Anger's decision to move from Barcelona to Manchester United is up in the air after he voiced concerns about Louis Van Gaal.

Van Gaal was not afraid to leave older players off the roster during United's American tour, and Van Gaal has rubbed some players the wrong way with his coaching style.

Free bets on the team will never drop because of United's popularity, but fans may be upset if players will not play for Van Gaal. Van Gaal went to the media to air his concerns about the Pedro transfer, and Pedro is left to decide what he wants to do.

Van Gaal's Take Van Gaal's position is that he should dumb down his coaching style for any player. Pedro is used to a more laid back style in Barcelona, but he wants the change of scenery that Man United can provide. Van Gaal would like Pedro to play for the team, but Van Gaal is not willing to beg. Soccer is a player's sport that is driven by the biggest names in the world, and Pedro may want a warmer welcome from Van Gaal.

Why Would Pedro Leave Barcelona? Barcelona is another soccer powerhouse that sees free bets every day on its matches. Pedro has seen success in Barcelona, but he may prefer the grandeur of the English Premier League. Spain's soccer league is extremely competitive, but no one would argue that England has the most competitive league in the world. Pedro wants to see better competition, but he may not want to play for a tough manager.

Can Pedro Compromise? Pedro must learn to compromise if he wants to play for Manchester United, and he must decide that his career is more important than a single manager. Players often lose site of the fact that managers are fired all the time in international soccer. One bad season is more than enough for a manager to get fired, and some gamblers place free bets online on the time when a manager will be fired.

How Will Pedro Help Man U? Pedro will help Man U get a little younger while their youth program is overhauled. The world of transfers and big paydays has allowed United to sign players without developing them, but their lack of youth must be remedied in one way or another. Pedro may be a cure for the youth problem in Manchester, or he may turn out to a player who may ruine free bets online for gamblers.

The decision for Pedro is up in the air at the moment, and he must decide what he wants out of the rest of his career. One more big contract will carry him through the rest of his European career, and it may be time for him to come to America.

Van Gaal does not seem ready to move from his stern position, and United is not prepared to beg Pedro to come to England. He can transfer or not, but United may not care all that much.

This article was written by Tony Samboras who is a professional sports writer with a passion for all things EPL. With this years transfer window coming to a close he is anticipating an exciting season this year. When he is not catching up on the latest rumours he writes for a publication that is all about the odds on Australian free betting.


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