Russell Westbrook is quickly becoming the fashion king of the NBA, but is he set to price himself out when it comes to his regular hardcore fans?

Russell Westbrook’s collaborative cologne with BYREDO is available at Barney’s, and it’s likely to run you more than any pair of Jordan’s you could buy.

Byredo’s Russell Westbrook Eau De Parfum celebrates the duality of Westbrook’s personality as reflected in this fresh yet warm fragrance. “Off the court I found him to be humble, down to earth and always with a comic element. On the court Russell is one of the greatest competitors I have seen. There is something almost ruthless in his approach to the game and it was this energy that I tried to capture in the fragrance.” –Ben Gorham, creative director and founder of BYREDO.

For $350 you too can smell like the most ferocious point guard in the NBA, but is it worth it?

By Glenn Erby


Low price, available in multiple styles and colors!