We can never accuse LeBron James of forgetting where he came from.

According to Cleveland.com, James’ foundation partnered with Project Learn of Akron, Ohio to help adults obtain their GED in a program called “I PROMISE, Too.”

Only parents or guardians whose children are involved in James’ mentorship outlet can qualify for this new opportunity.

In a news release, James’ foundation’s executive director, Michele Campbell said: “We are so excited about the I PROMISE, Too program because a huge part of our foundation’s work (with children) centers around parent involvement. This is an opportunity to help our parents make strides in their own academic careers so they are better equipped to help our students keep their educational promises. We can’t reach our students without their parents’ support, so this program is monumental for our families and their futures.”

I like the idea of having parents and the kids continue to learn together, as James and his foundation strive to make changes to the Akron community.

Hopefully those 1,000 kids can then continue to help Akron grow and evolve as educated and employed adults.

By Glenn Erby


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