There is a little privilege going on here, or it's just due process.

According to the L.A. Times, prosecutors won’t file charges against Caitlyn Jenner, who caused a deadly chain-reaction crash on a Malibu highway in February.

The district attorney’s office reportedly felt prosecutors would not be able to prove in court that Jenner was responsible for the crash, so they declined to file a misdemeanor manslaughter charge against her.

“Based on the facts, cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the suspect’s conduct was unreasonable,” said Prosecutor Patricia Wilkinson in a declination document.

Jenner was alleged to have been driving at an unsafe speed Feb. 7 when her Cadillac Escalade rear-ended Kim Howe’s Lexus, sending it into oncoming traffic, ultimately leading to the 69-year-old driver’s death.

Jenner has called the crash a “devastating tragedy,” amid concerns about going to and surviving in prison.

By Glenn Erby


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