I believe Bart Scott finally said what so many, including his teammates, believe about Greg Hardy.

The former Jets and Ravens linebacker was a guest on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show and was asked what he thinks about the Dallas Cowboys defensive end, who’s grown super aggressive since returning from his four-game suspension.

Scott says they’d have some issues as teammates.

“I see a guy that’s immature, and I see a guy that just doesn’t get it,” Scott said. “I’m hoping he gets it and somebody can be man enough to pull him aside and give him the cold, hard facts: Listen, you’re a talented player, but there’s plenty of talented players in this league, and the league will survive without you.

“Once the owners and the NFL decides to say they’ve had enough of you, they’ve had enough of you. It doesn’t matter what you can do as far as rushing the passer. Ask Ray Rice. In a couple years, you’re going to get a little older and you’re going to hurt yourself or you’re going to hurt somebody else. You’re going to have a regrettable moment that you can’t take back — and something that you love and and work hard and are passionate about is going to be taken away from you. I think you’ve got some mental health issues. I think you need to get evaluated.”

Scott reiterated that he and Hardy would not share locker rooms.

“Me and him would have an issue,” Scott said. “That’s why you got to have a strong locker room if you want to bring in these type of personalities. He wouldn’t have did that with Ed Reed, (Terrell) Suggs. He wouldn’t have did that with myself, Haloti (Ngata). That wouldn’t have went down in that locker room. We would have explained to him real quick — or we would have personally packed his stuff.”

Scott thinks the Cowboys are enabling Hardy with owner and general manager Jerry Jones constantly making an excuse for the star pass rusher.

By Glenn Erby


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