Dennis Hof has gone from caring about Lamar Odom and wishing him well to now threatening to sue. I guess in Hof’s world, business and life must go on. The Bunny Love Ranch owner made some serious threats after learning that the Odoms would be staying married.

According to Radar Online, the $75,000 credit card charge Odom ran up needs to be paid, and Hof won’t hesitate to sue Odom’s wife, Khloe Kardashian.

“If I don’t get paid for the entire bill, I’ll sue Khloe, I know she has the money,” Hof said. “We have Lamar on tape signing the credit card statement — we have a copy of his driver’s license — he was the one that determined the $75K price for the two hookers.”

Odom reportedly spent three days at the Crystal, Nevada brothel before he was found unconscious and hospitalized.

By Glenn Erby


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