Fans of the New York Knicks are about to snap, but does Carmelo Anthony have a point? The Brooklyn-born ex-Syracuse star forced his way to the New York Knicks, and now he has to deal with the scrutiny and criticism that comes with not performing in the countries biggest media market.

Now, with the Knicks rebuilding, the polarizing star forward explained to Vice Media that sometimes you have to say “fuck New York.”

“New York is the greatest city on the planet, I think. But you’re not a New Yorker if you don’t wake up some days and be like, ‘Man, f— this place.’ You know what I mean? Like, I don’t care who you are. You can be the mayor, you can be the governor, all the way down to the mailman. Everybody wakes up some days and says, ‘Man, f— New York.’

“New York is [known] for being the best. With that being said, it’s no patience here in New York. So you kind of adapt to that mentality, to that mindset. That’s the reason that it’s so kind of up-and-down here. One day you’re the best thing since sliced bread and one day you’re the scum on the bottom of somebody’s shoe.”

Melo chose to be traded to the Knicks, and made an even bigger decision when he chose to re-sign with the Knicks instead of heading to Chicago.

By Glenn Erby


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