Yusaf Mack recently gave an interview explaining why he showed up in a porn movie having sex with two guys. Mack’s story is that he was offered a role that he assumed he would be him having sex with a woman.

Mack took them up on their offer because he was hard up for money and needed to provide for his 10 kids and fiancee. Mack said when he got to the studio, he saw naked women walking around so he thought everything was on the up and up.

Mack says he was given a pill and glass of vodka to help him relax. Next thing he remembers is waking up on the train with $4500 in his pocket, and no recollection of what took place. A few months later, the movie was released and he was actively performing in a gay scene with two men.

He says he isn’t gay and he believes the drug given to him was the reason he blacked out and planned to sue the porn company. Now, his Twitter account showed that he was favoring a lot of gay porn tweets, so no one really believes him.

The porn company released this statement to BSO that they are planning to sue him.

“Dawg Pound USA is a reputable company which has produced high quality videos of men-of-color since 2002. At no time have we ever coerced or drugged any of our models. The claims made by Mr. Mack are false, slanderous, and vehemently denied on our part. We intend to take all legal steps necessary to protect our good name and reputation against these patently false and preposterous claims.”

It might be time for Mack to just come clean, before the situation gets worse for him.

By Glenn Erby


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