I’m just glad this didn’t end up like a bad scene from a thriller or horror movie, where the supposedly lost taxi driver ends up outside an old, abandoned warehouse.

The Detroit Lions and Kansas City Chiefs are in London for another NFL game across the seas, before both teams hit their bye week. The Lions were off Tuesday, so several members of the team went to explore London and do some shopping.

According to ESPN, running back Joique Bell got more than he bargained for, when he ended up having a $253 Uber bill added to the money he spent shopping with teammates. Bell says the driver got lost on the way back to the team hotel in Watford, England.

Running back Joique Bell said he footed the bill for a 166 pound Uber ride back from London to the team’s England-based facility. To put that in American dollar terms, he spent $253.84 on the trip — because he was the veteran of the group.

“We went down to London,” Bell told reporters in England. “We went to Harrod’s. We went to Zara. I was ready to go within two hours. We had to wait three hours for Theo [Riddick] really to finish shopping. So we left there, went to go get a bit to eat and caught a very expensive Uber ride back up here.”

That’s putting it mildly, even for someone earning an NFL paycheck. Bell said the Uber driver also got lost on the way back from London to the team hotel.

Bell said he picked up the bill for the other running backs, offensive lineman Cornelius Lucas and cornerback Nevin Lawson. As for what Riddick bought, well, Bell wasn’t sure. Bell said he bought one thing, but wouldn’t say what it was.

“I don’t know,” Bell said. “He picked up a new ego. I don’t know what he got.”

Bell will probably just take the tour next time.

By Glenn Erby


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