Considering Lamar Odom almost died, I think it would be a bit petty for the police prosecute him over his drug use. What the police should be doing is finding out exactly what is going on at that brothel. I doubt Lamar brought all the drugs with him and did them alone.

Here are the details:

According to the detective who signed the affidavit for the warrant, he interviewed the prostitutes who were with Lamar, who told him “He possibly ingested cocaine in the bathroom adjoining in the bedroom.” The detective said, “They indicated that they heard him snorting.”

As TMZ reported, our sources say doctors performed blood tests that revealed the presence of cocaine.

The police have not received the results back from the blood sample they took from Lamar, but the Sheriff has said if it shows the presence of cocaine he could well be prosecuted.

I am pretty sure that a lot of drugs will be found in Odom’s system, but I think being at the brink of death is punishment enough.

By Glenn Erby


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