Former MLB slugger Darryl Strawberry knows what is needed to beat addiction. Strawberry battled drug addiction during some of his greatest years in the big leagues, and the now sober icon also runs a treatment center for recovering addicts.

Strawberry pulled no punches in declaring that Khloe Kardashian’s love and support is ultimately what kept Lamar Odom alive, and it will likely save his life.

“Lamar stands a much better chance with her by his side. When you stand and confront your problems as man and wife, it makes you stronger. It did for me.”

“Most people aren’t going to care, so many people walk away. But if they face all these things together I hope that with the help of God he can get his life back in order.”

FYI — Strawberry met his current wife Tracy at a Narcotics Anonymous convention in 2003 and they have since written a book called, “The Imperfect Marriage,” to help people in broken relationships.

In fact, Darryl says he wants to offer up his expertise to Lamar and Khloe — “If they need anything, we’re here with prayers and support.”

Hopefully Strawberry can assist Odom as well.

By Glenn Erby


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