David West has more in common with another rapper when it comes to being a tough guy, but it’s cool to see the NBA’s toughest guy trying to mellow out some.

After opting out from $11 million in his deal with the Pacers and signing with the Spurs for $10 million less, West told the San Antonio Express News that a Drake lyric from his "Back to Back" song diss towards Meek Mill was the inspiration for him becoming more low-key

I’ve actually just kind of drawn back off it some for some personal and business reasons,” said West. “But more than that, my awareness is very high and very alert, very in-tone. I think sometimes in the social media space, things can get confused.”

“I just want people to ask me directly,” West continued. “I don’t want to be typing.”

One would think West has already adopted the so-called Spurs way of doing things, coming to an organization where players usually avoid negative, non-basketball headlines.

Instead, West took some inspiration from rapper Drake and one of his lyrics from the song “Back to Back.”

The lyric: “… Trigger fingers turn to twitter fingers,” as Drake responded to a feud with another hip-hip artist, Meek Mill, who took to Twitter to express his dispute with the Canadian rapper.

Using the lyric to his own benefit, West said: “I don’t want to be that Twitter fingers type dude no more. Something about that (lyric) just…”

When asked to clarify, West said he wouldn’t be taking a step back, but approaching things more direct.

By Glenn Erby


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